Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Books and Gargoyles!

Who Knew They Could Read!?

Not too long ago, I was walking down 110th Street here in Manhattan, just east of Broadway, and I looked up to discover that there was a sequence of gargoyles carved into the stone edifice of an apartment building. Of course, what really caught my attention was that one of them was reading. Or more accurately, one of them was holding a book and contemplating over its contents. According to one website, these sculptures are "the hungry gargoyles of 110th Street." More photographs can be found on the site: http://www.buildingmagazine.net/2009/09/the-hungry-gargoyles-of-110th-street/ The building was completed in 1909, and has a number of these grotesque characters, including the one above, which is actually a man pondering his ledger book! I wonder what stone carvers will be doing in the future...a ponderous and creepy old man with his Kindle? Hmmmmmm, now that would be something.

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