Thursday, February 28, 2013

Word Up Books, Washington Heights


This has been long in coming--as many of my posts.  I've found that over the years I'll snap a photo of a bookshop or some other bookish thing, and then let it lay dormant for a very long time in my camera or photo files.  I realized I'd taken these photos when I first came to NY, sometime during the summer of 2011, while exploring the area of Washington Heights in NYC.  I remember walking down Broadway near 180th, just near the George Washington Bridge, in search of some local food.  I remember finally finding a nice little Salvadoran restaurant, where I enjoyed some cool beverages and steaming "fresh fried" foods.  Nearby to this restaurant, I passed this little bookshop.  It seemed like a start-up, or stand-alone place.  And in truth, I'm not sure it actually still exists.  But that's part of the role this blog plays: documenting bibliographic and bookish places, which come and go.  Places that are representative of a community, yet sometimes fade into local memory, or are simply forgotten.  I'll have to trek up to that neighborhood again, and see if it's still there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Book in a Tree?

A Hike in the Woods

Greetings All... and a long return!  As many readers know, I haven't posted for a long while, but am slowly catching up.  For those interested, I did start another blog already a year ago, The Traveling Schubert Society, which follows more musical interests, curiosities, reviews, and intrigues!  The blog is constantly evolving and includes entries as disparate as academic discussions of Schubertian history, reviews of NYC concerts, regional composer profiles, an occasional recounting of Upper West Side salons and house parties (even Schubertiades!), as well as nature and street sounds.  If you're interested, please visit the site and see what we're up to.

Today, though, I wanted to go through some of my photo archives and retrieve a few items of interest, mostly images and bookish stories I've done over the last year or so.   I'll be brief for now, as I hope to catch up and provide more entries this month.  

Below, you'll find a curiosity, a geo-cache--at least, that's what I presume it to be.  Last spring, if I remember correctly, I'd taken a walk with my mother on the east side of the Hudson, near Bard College, and walking upon the path in a pine grove, near the river, she discovered a plastic box, which contained various objects, including some books.  Though, the main book was a journal of sorts, where travelers in this wood could write comments or leave sentimental items.  We did look, and found some very interesting things.  But soon, we packed it and closed the box, and returned it to its tree interior... and continued on our lovely walk.  

You never know what you'll find, then, in these woods, or any other...