Thursday, February 28, 2013

Word Up Books, Washington Heights


This has been long in coming--as many of my posts.  I've found that over the years I'll snap a photo of a bookshop or some other bookish thing, and then let it lay dormant for a very long time in my camera or photo files.  I realized I'd taken these photos when I first came to NY, sometime during the summer of 2011, while exploring the area of Washington Heights in NYC.  I remember walking down Broadway near 180th, just near the George Washington Bridge, in search of some local food.  I remember finally finding a nice little Salvadoran restaurant, where I enjoyed some cool beverages and steaming "fresh fried" foods.  Nearby to this restaurant, I passed this little bookshop.  It seemed like a start-up, or stand-alone place.  And in truth, I'm not sure it actually still exists.  But that's part of the role this blog plays: documenting bibliographic and bookish places, which come and go.  Places that are representative of a community, yet sometimes fade into local memory, or are simply forgotten.  I'll have to trek up to that neighborhood again, and see if it's still there.

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