Friday, March 1, 2013

The NY Antiquarian Book Fair 2012

New York Antiquarian Book Fair

As I've surely mentioned before, I often feel like I need to get my bibliographic affairs in order, because I have such a backlog of photos to post and blogs to write that I feel I'll never catch up.  Yet, as I've slowly gone through this list of items, I've decided to include those topics, which will surely go "out of date," if I don't write about them soon.  Among the "many" is this set of images I took last spring at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair.  This is quite the event, and I managed to get a few tickets for this in 2012.  Surprisingly (to me), I ran into a handful of colleagues from around the country.  I guess this shouldn't be too surprising, since once you're in any field long enough, you find your circle of colleagues expands into so many different areas that you're bound to meet someone you know at one of these events.  

Part of the incredible nature of the Antiquarian Book Fair, especially the one held in New York, is that the range of collectors and buyers is so large, but perhaps even more surprising to the first time attendee is the grandeur of the space it's held in (the Armory~which you can see images of below), as well as the  amazingly and astonishingly broad range of bibliographic antiquity represented.  ...and not to mention the rarity and cost of such items would undercut the value of this experience!  In fact, one of the first items I came across was a medieval era volume, which was being sold for something like $390,000!  Some would say this is "change" in some circles, but remember, most universities can't really afford this.  And it demonstrates both the variable and alternate markets that exist, especially among private collectors with deep pockets.

We'll soon again be coming upon the NY Antiquarian Book Fair, so if you have any interest at all in the field of rare volumes such as these, get a ticket and come for a visit.  You won't be disappointed in the event.  Plus, you'll see more tweed and tortoise shell glasses in one place than I'm sure most of you have seen in years!

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