Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mini Book Reading Statue Near Dykman

The Observationally Bizarre?  Or Not...

Simply put, I contribute some curiously odd things to this blog.  This post may constitute one of those observations.  Last year, while I was walking up near Dyckman Street (pron. DIKE-man) in upper Manhattan, I spotted a little patch of earth, lined by a picket fence along the miles of NYC's cemented sidewalks.  Someone had created a little garden with small statuary.  As I looked it over quickly, I noticed with some surprise a statuette of a (child?) reading a book.  Of course, I had to take a few photos of this, including a close-up, which appears to show this tiny statue READING a book!  Though, sadly, one of its hands seems to be missing.  This microcosm of a garden is surely a curiosity, and somehow a world created by someone with designs and intentions to develop a small plot of un-used urban dirt and emptiness into something to break the monotony of cemented urbanity.  I really wonder what Jane Jacobs would have said about this one!

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