Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book Cart and Lotus on a Shanghai Street: Books and Travels in China (3)

A Daily Offering...

Here's a little treat for your day: a daily offering of books!  When I first arrived in Shanghai it was sweltering, and I took refuge, of all places, in a local McDonalds.  Curiously, its food items were not what one might find in New York, Chicago, or elsewhere in the US.  Instead, they had infused aspects and flavors of Chinese culinary culture into the food items, including green tea sundaes, and pork sandwiches.  When I finally emerged from the air conditioned "Micky D's" (or "Mick-ee De'zi?") I found this great little truck and vendor, selling books out of the back!  I took this photo along with some of other vendors, including the one at the bottom, who was selling lotuses.  Of course, no one told me how to eat these things, when I did buy them.  So I found them incredibly dry and terrible to chew on.  When I did get the proper lesson in eating lotus, I discovered I hadn't been taking off the correct "plant flesh coating" of the seeds, which do in fact give you a bad feeling in your mouth.  Once this covering of the seed is taken off, the lotus seed itself is quite tasty!  Lesson learned.  

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