Sunday, March 10, 2013

Books and Budai in Hangzhou: Books and Travels in China (2)

Happy Golden Statues

It's always a delight to come across statuary, as you never know what it's meant to represent until you take a good look at it.  And when one travels in places like China, you'll find a intriguing statues of various natures all over the country.  A couple quick items for today: this statue of what appears to be "a Buddha," often described as "the laughing Buddha."  But in truth, this Chan monk from the Late Liang Dynasty is known as the Budai.  There is a deeper history, which I won't fully go into here now, but it is an interesting expression of a rich tradition.

While visiting Hangzhou, I walked all over the town, and discovered some interesting places, including the local museum, which had many examples of antique Chinese books.  I offer a few images here.  This story is not finished yet, but for now, keep reading...

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