Monday, March 4, 2013

Northshire Books, Manchester, VT

Northshire Books

Last spring I took a day-long drive up to Vermont in search of a...well, diner!  I'll write about that in another, upcoming post.  But during that drive, while coming back home to NY, I decided to drive through Manchester, Vermont.  And of course, Vermont, being the bookish place it is, I found plenty of bibliographic opportunities.  This bookshop, Northshire Books, was a delightful place, which had a fine selection of materials, as well as an outstanding staff, which was outgoing and informative.  When I arrived, a very nice woman was demonstrating the Espresso Book Machine, which is a print on demand device, that will print your own book within 10 minutes, in some cases, just 7 minutes!  Outside the shop was this curious sculpture,  with metallic arms, a base-body of books, and a post-box head of Thomas Jefferson...with a seagull perched atop!?  I also only realized after taking this photo, that there's a guy reading behind the sculpture!  Well, stay tuned for further adventures in the bookish wander-trade!  And if you're ever in the area, check out this bookshop and their famed Espresso Book Machine.  (You can get real espresso around the corner, if you so desire, too).

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