Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chester, VT--Country Girl, Menus, and Books!

Little Town, Big Burger, Lots-O-Books

Last year, I somehow spotted a photo that a friend had taken.  In it, a group of folks was sitting and having a meal at a country diner.  Specifically, it was the "Country Girl Diner" in Chester, VT.  The thing that struck me about this place was its size.  It was literally the size of the back of a car!  Well, okay, that's a bit exaggerated.  But it was DARN small!  I decided to investigate this place, and found it on a map, and then thought I'd just drive up there.  It was a few hours drive from upstate NY, yet a pleasant one.  I drove through many interesting little towns, including one where Grandma Moses lived, and was buried--Hoosick Falls, NY.

Anyhow, I found my way up through the Green Mountains, past ski resorts, and a bounty of pine trees, and came into the town of Chester.  A lovely place, which seemed to have a great deal of activity and life in it.  As I made my way through town, I discovered, delightfully, that there was not just one book shop, but at least two! 

The Misty Valley Books (book shop) was a great place, which has a vibrant author event scene.  It is a wondrous thing in Vermont, which has a fairly rural culture, but seems to have more books than pickups!  (I like both, by the way.)  This shop was full of interesting items--books, kids books, kids toys, and more than.  And the number of events seemed truly bountiful!

Though, it was not open, The Chester Bookworm, which is an Antiquarian shop, is yet another bookish option for locals and travelers.  Next time I'm up for a visit to the diner, I hope the Bookworm is open!

I will leave you all with the primary aim of this trip: to find the Country Girl.  Now, I know you all think I should just look for books, but food is a key part of any trip, and it is integral to how one travels and experiences travel.  The Country Girl Diner gets multiple stars for its food and hospitality, above all.  The closeness of the space added to the generosity of its staff.  After talking to folks in the booths and the waitresses, we all discovered how far each of us came.  I came the farthest, and actually came to Chester FOR the diner.  They were so moved by this, they gave me a brownie!  What good folks.  And the massive, 12-lb (well, not quite, but it felt like it!) Chester Burger was a good deal and well worth the trek.  So I thank the town of Chester for having good representatives.  But also, damn good burgers and books.  I'll come back anytime.  Thanks Chester, VT.  Keep up the great work!

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