Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shanghai Travels and China Christian Council: Books and Travel in China (4)

Another return!  I so often fall behind on posting, because of so many other things that occupy my time!  I realized, after spending some weeks traveling for conferences and other things, that I should get back to writing a few more pieces about China, and show some of the interesting images I took from that trip.  Here are a few more images from Shanghai, and a visit to the China Christian Council there.  There were only a few on staff the morning I visited, but I received a pleasant welcome, exchanged gifts, and got a very nice tour of the campus, church, and book store.  Perhaps one of the most intriguing images I found was a defiled Latin inscription, which had been hacked at during the Cultural Revolution (see images below).  The book store of the CCC is plentiful--it has thousands of titles, many of which are not shipped abroad.  I was impressed with their offerings and the various activities they conduct.  Here is a sampling of my photographs that day.  (This was last July, and I figured it was time to share more of this trip!)

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