Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Book Bench in an Antique Shop

The Quirky, The Weird, and The Bench?

Every so often, I admit it: I am drawn to share with you some of the lighter aspects of bookishness. I could not help pass this opportunity by, then, when I was in an antique shop last month, and I saw an old coffee table/ottoman, which was designed to look like three books piled on one another. It opens (as you can see) to reveal a secret hiding place for...well, books (of course!) and other items. Now, some of you might think that you'd like this in your home, but this is the sort of furniture that I'd call a "one spouse preference" item. You know, those things that only one in a household likes, while the other things just simply tasteless, hideous, disgraceful. No? I did not buy this one in the end. Not for that reason, but because I actually don't have anywhere to put it. But more practically, it's because the darn thing was missing one of its legs, and leaned like a wounded runner after a long race. Poor little bench.

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