Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Books of Burma (Myanmar)

Visiting a Hidden Jewel in Asia

Several months ago, a good friend of mine ("Dr. M.") visited Burma (Myanmar), the quietly off-the-beaten track nation, abundant with rural beauty and mystery. I asked my friend, if she could photograph any books (in Burmese or other languages) or libraries or bookstores, if she encountered any. She did, and more, and today I share these with you.

In these photos, we see everything from Buddhist statues to monks walking down the street. The main book photographs are from a medical library inside one of the regional medical schools in Burma. In these images, we can see everything one might expect in a good library, including an online catalogue and database.

I'm curious as to what other libraries are tucked away in this marvelous country..., but that will perhaps have to wait. The most stunning thing is that this country appears to have magnificent and beautiful sculptures, statues, and temples around every corner. Thanks to my photo-correspondent, "Dr. M." for her marvelous photos!

Now, onward to other interesting biblio-locales!

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