Sunday, October 16, 2011

Books and Bacon in Frederick, MD

Books and Food

Perhaps two of my favorite things--books and food--I found in and around the city of Frederick, MD. The city itself is very well organized when it comes to history and promotion of its past. There are several interesting places to visit, and many of them have book shops. The first place we see here is the local public library, which is situated right near a canal that runs through town. The other places of interest are the Frederick Historical Society, the Comic Store (if you like comics), and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

There's a nice statue outside of the public library of kids reading. As for food: there are plenty of choices, though I'd recommend taking a drive out of town for some pork belly. Now this is not one of my usual food choices, but if you've never tried them... you're in for a treat. My sole confession here is that I didn't actually get this pork sandwich in Frederick, but a few miles north.
No matter--the whole region is a good place to visit, and I think if you have the time and you're in DC, you should swing by...for books or bacon.

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