Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oblong Books--Millerton, NY

Bookshop on the "Borders"

I've often wondered where the name "Borders" came from (as in "Borders Books"), and simply considered it had something to do with the "limits of our imagination." No such luck. In fact, it turns out that "Borders" was simply the last name of the brothers, Tom and Louis, who started the first "Borders" book shop back in 1971 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Though nowadays, with the corporate amalgamation that this humble shop became, Borders Group, in fast decline and bankruptcy, the only borders we may speak of are the old ones which limit time and space. This came to mind recently, when I went to visit the small, yet delightfully old fashioned town of Millerton, NY, which has a great number of specialty shops and eateries (somewhat like Woodstock, NY--but slightly different). Millerton is on the "border" of New York State and Connecticut, and among its featured businesses is Oblong Books (see above), which also has a branch in Rhinebeck, NY. This family owned business sells mostly new books, but still has the flavor of a locally brewed book joint, with affable and knowledgeable staff. They seem to promote community in various ways, including hosting readings and other events on a pretty regular basis. So if you're ever in town--Millerton or Rhinebeck--stop by one of these shops and take a look!

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