Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Brunswick Library, Books--And the Longest Covered Bridge in the World

Books and a Really Long Bridge!

On a drive last summer through the wilds of New Brunswick, I happened to read a sign that said "World's Longest Covered Bridge." Of course, how could I resist this!? Finding my way through some small Canadian towns and back country roads, following signs that read "Bridge This Way!"...I eventually came down to a river crossing and the one-lane covered bridge, which spanned it.
The bridge is found in the town of Hartland, NB, and crosses the Saint John River. In order to cross the river (and go through/over the bridge!) you need to wait for a light, because it is only one lane. You must turn your lights on and cruise across the rickety structure for more than 1,200 feet! It is surely an experience not to be forgotten. On the opposite side, there is a visitor center, which is packed with regional information, moose, hockey, and maple leaf trinkets (like magnets, shot glasses, and bottle openers), and bottles of maple syrup. There are also lots of tourists...and a fair number of books for sale on regional interests--cooking, local history, and ghost stories. I bought a book on the history of the bridge and some books on New Brunswick place names and their origins.

On the opposite side of the road, just a few hundred yards from the tourist shop, there was a grand old building that had been turned into a library-- the Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library. It wasn't open, but I did take a few photos of it. I'd say that this was a good find--out in search of the world's longest covered bridge, I was able to buy a few regional books (one of my favorite activities), stock up on surely needed maple sweets for the drive, and photograph a stately old building-turned-public library (which even had a clock in its tower!) What more could I have asked for?

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