Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Korean Book Shop and a Jesus Vase

I came across this for the second time now, after wandering the streets of Manhattan--just on 32nd Street off of Broadway.  I had a little treat at a local Korean eatery, nearby.  But I thought I'd share the curiosities of this shop as I saw through the window: not just books, but a "Jesus Vase."  Now THAT'S some bookstore!  Unfortunately, I don't know what the vase actually says, but the visage in unmistakable (like anyone really knows what he looked like!)  Perhaps, though, it is the raised "hand of peace?"  In any case, the Koryo Book shop might come under the category of "book/gift shop," since it carries not just your usual reading fare, but the physical curiosities and trinkets that might be consumed by folks with deep pockets or interested souls.  I'll stick to the fried fish for now.  Others can have their IXTHEIS. 

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