Thursday, August 26, 2010

Books at a Polish Restaurant!

Szatas Restaurant in Chicago

I've been bringing my camera just about everywhere. And good thing, because I've been able to snap a few good photos here and there of not just interesting places, but books in interesting places! And this includes restaurants. I'd thought of doing a series on the blog about menus as a form of "book" or reading gadget, but never got around to it. But a few months back I came across a little nook of specialty items at this Polish Restaurant in Chicago, out near Midway Airport. Not only was the "nook" curiously interesting, but the whole restaurant itself was. In fact, I was drawn to the whole interesting design of the place from its external appearance of an Alpine lodge! There are a handful (or maybe more!) Polish restaurants out on Cermack and Cicero and Pulaski Avenues. This one seemed the most colorful, so I thought I'd try it out one evening for dinner.

Inside had decorations from stuffed heads of wild deer to oversized beer and spirits keg-fronts decorated with national dress. They even had a mid-19th century wagon suspended from the ceiling!

Of course my curiosity came with the little handcrafts and the coterie of Polish books stuffed into the corner! How could I let this opportunity pass?

Hand-written signs in Polish, as well as (my blurry photo of...) images of Pope John Paul II, the modern Polish Pope, who is being pushed into that crowded room of sainthood, adorning the walls of the restaurant!

Of course, I've managed to do this in reverse, but that makes it more interesting. When one enters the restaurant, you are met by a medieval door and a sign that reads "Please Pull the Rope." The rope is attached to another rope and that is attached to a length of tin-bells that sound like cows coming up the hill when rung! After a few moments, a man dressed like a 14th century peasant opens and lets you in! They've always said Chicago was a political city, but this surely gives new meaning to "pulling strings!"

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