Saturday, August 28, 2010

Printing and History of York

The History of American Printing

Some of my travels this year brought me to York, PA. I took a fine stroll down its lovely sidewalks, where I discovered various historical elements, including some vintage buildings and a police heritage museum. Unfortunately, most of these places were closed!

But the main point of interest in York is (or accurately, "was") its printing history. I must apologize to my readers that I did have some photos of the historical signs describing this printing history...but alas, they were lost on my computer. So I no longer have them to show!
BUT...this image below shows these wee cute kids running down the street in front of where York's first printing shop was located, some two centuries ago. There isn't much left of the antique printing trade...but the streets are still lovely! Even if we didn't get to see any books, per se, on this trip, maybe some of you will have better luck if you visit! to more book finding!

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