Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bibliobargains, Biblio-Outhouse!

Books in Outhouses?

This, I must admit, is a long-lost photo of me at the Bibliobarn out in the Hobart-Kortright cosmos of rural upstate/mid-state New York. I'd visited back in the spring briefly, and wrote about the adventure in a blog posting here on Books and Biblios. I thought I'd add it, because I found it so out-of-the-ordinary. In this photo you can see the old outhouse was converted into a sales book locale, which the proprietors called "Bibliobargains." At this precise moment, I was enthralled with a violin score by a now forgotten (by me!) obscure 19th century Bohemian composer. It was something rather remarkable. Of course, my faulty memory now doesn't remember much else! But I do think that the Bibliobarn and its contents are still for sale; somewhere under $475,000 for the whole thing. Any takers?

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