Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free Books Sign in NYC

In Case You Were Wondering...

When I first moved to NYC, I discovered this lovely sign across the street from my library at Columbia University. Who couldn't resist this!? Well, unfortunately, I had arrived too late to get a piece of the action. But it was at least good to know that such things were available in the city. Just this past week--October 22 or so--I took my first trip to the famous "Strand" bookshop in the city, down by Union Square. Supposedly 18 miles of books! What a shop! At some point soon, I'll have to do a bibliotour down there for you and show you what they've got! For now, enjoy this little remnant of NYC history. The sign is now tattered, faded, and pretty much gone to the wind. Onward history!

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  1. aww that's sad though that he lost his storage space! I knew there had to be a catch...