Sunday, February 26, 2012

Books at St. Paul the Apostle

Pictures are Worth a Thousand...

Sometimes is it's simple enough to let the photos and pictures speak. I've visited many churches over the years, and the great Catholic churches are cultural and symbolic gold mines. The images and symbols of books are everywhere in churches like these, and St. Paul the Apostle in NYC is no exception. Here we see such things as real books, pictures of books, sculptures of books, and even a few other curious items, including a human mask (apparently a burial mask). The history of this place is quite interesting, specifically related to the Paulist fathers and Isaac Hecker, whom this mask is supposed to represent. As I've looked at elsewhere, it is interesting to note that even inside of a church like this, there is a fairly robust little bookshop, located near the entrance and narthex. Beside this, the imagery of books is everywhere, as can be seen in these other photos. We cannot underestimate the power of the image!

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