Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Books on a NYC Street

One Person's Trash... another person's book! I must say, that it can be surprising what some people throw out. But doesn't really surprise me anymore, considering how many books I've seen tossed over the years. The images I share with you today are from early February, when I was down on 42nd Street, over toward 9th Ave. It was actually a bit farther north, as I'd walked north from 42nd--probably somewhere around 50th. A storefront that had been emptied and posted "for rent" or "lease" had boxes of old books. They weren't great books, but I wouldn't say they were totally trash. I will admit that this time I did NOT take any of the books. But someone might have found them interesting. I wonder how many books are trashed every year? I wonder how many trees it constitutes? It's too bad more of them can't be recycled, as I imagine most of these items end up in regular trash bins. And I'm sure it's simply too expensive to even do that kind of statistical study. For now, we can just speculate and wonder. Keep your eyes open...for another discarded box of books! Though this find didn't yield much, another may--like the various times I've found brand new volumes in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood.

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