Thursday, May 19, 2011

Books and the End of the World

A Photo Essay on Doomsday

They've been handing out pamphlets on the end of the world ("May 21st 2011") for a while down in the 42nd Street subway stop, near the Port Authority, but just days away from the ill-fated day, the prophets were out in force. Here's a view of the dozens of signs in that underground pathway. On my way home yesterday, I witnessed these folks (in bright yellow and orange t-shirts) arguing with a group of youngsters about what will happen on Saturday. Another vision of New York city religion at its best and most visceral. Interestingly, the bright yellow and orange shirts were a new thing--in the previous months leading up to now, they'd all had less "intrusive" colors, and would hand out pamphlets that were white or green. Now, with days away, they've brightened their prophecy with a dash of lemon and orange.

Above, the argument among pro-End-of-Worlders and bystanders.

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